Posted: May 17, 2010 in Architecture Series

Of late the NO-SQL movement is gaining popularity and lot of people have started blogging about NO-SQL.Now the question is how much do you think it ll take time to see real-world NO-SQL applications in top level Enterprises.Ted Neward has written a Very Cool Article on NO-SQL on MSDNMAG May Edition. MongoDB,CoucheDB are already quite Popular now and of late getting lot of traction.If you wants to learn more See the Following posts and Links


Here is the Video for Configuring TFS with SP2010 from the SharePoint DevWiki Site.Link .

In the same site you ll find bunch of other Screen Cast on SharePoint  .Here is one I found cool using SpDisposeCheck with VS .

StyleCop version 4.4 Beta released with fully support all C# 4.0 syntax, will integrate into VS2010, and will provide a number of improvements over version 4.3. This project is currently in beta.Get the Downloads and  Details from Codeplex here

You can get the Code Rush from here and the Demo Video here

This is a quick tip which I found useful to get your development fabric running on SqlServer and not SqlExpress.By default Azure takes the Express Edition and if you want your sqlserver to be non-express you need to provide a “.” and not the SqlServer Instance name and the username should be domain/username and pass it to DsInit.exe .

Not sure [have not digged into] from which config does the Azure tools pickup these values but this can save your significant time ,if you have not seen this before.