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Was going thru LightSwitch and although MS claims its to be different than MS Access(Access is for business users and Light Switch for developer)  ,I don’t see it much difference than Access from functionality and usability stand point.What application you used to build with Access(anyone now still build reports with access?) ,you can give LightSwitch a try.I don’t find it for any other use at this point. The beta1 is available now ..see more detail  below


Here is the List of 15 free Enterprise Collaboration tools.Worth Checking Out .Here is the Link

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Scaling Down Azure Role ScreenCast
TechEd North America Videos:-


Here is the Video for Configuring TFS with SP2010 from the SharePoint DevWiki Site.Link .

In the same site you ll find bunch of other Screen Cast on SharePoint  .Here is one I found cool using SpDisposeCheck with VS .