TECH-ED 2010 INDIA Session SharePoint-2010 and Silverlight Integration

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Me and Bharat Presented the Session on Silverlight and Sharepoint2010 Integration.Since than I have received several emails on how to get the Presentation I used in the TECHED session.

Here is the AGENDA of the session :-

An insight into how SharePoint and Silverlight integration can bring more power inside your Enterprise Portals scenarios. Demonstrations will show on how you leverage Silverlight as a technology inside your Enterprise Portals to provide richer experience. Topics covered will include new ideas and methodologies on user interfaces and SharePoint- Silverlight Integration. Various custom Web Parts, Silverlight Web parts, usage of Client Object Model, REST and LINQ in SP2010 will also be demonstrated.

HERE is the Link to the PRESENTATION .Let me know if you found the sessions and materials useful?


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