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Sqlbits sessions

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AddIns for SSMS – build your own

Comparing Azure storage and SQL Data Services

Data Mining and SSIS – makes sense.

Data Warehouse Data Modelling

Data Warehousing features in SQL 2008

Database Maintenance Optimization

Designing Effective Aggregations in Analysis Services 2008

Effective test-driven database development

End to End Report Creation and Management in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

High Availability in SQL Server 2008

Implementing Clustering using SQL Server

Instrumenting, Monitoring and Auditing of SSIS ETL Solutions

Making the SQL developer one of the family with Visual Studio Team System

Message in a bottle: Service Broker from 1 to 100 in 75 minutes!

Performance Optimization with SQL Server 2008

Performance Tuning your TSQL

Securing and Hardening a SQL Server Implementation – Notes from the Field

SQL Server Architecture: The life of a query

SQL Server’s storage engine

SSIS by example

SSIS Nuggets Live

Stop throwing hardware at the problem !

Understanding ADO.NET Data Services

Understanding Graphical Execution Plans

Universal calculated measures in MDX queries

Upgrading To SQL Server 2005 & 2008: Notes & Best Practices

What’s New in SQL Server 2008 T-SQL

A whistlestop tour of SSIS add-ins

Achieve SQL Server 2008 High Availability and Disaster Recovery – technical case study

An introduction to Master Data Services

Building cubes from ODS or Operational Systems

Cache-warming strategies for Analysis Services 2008

Common Integration Services Problems

Creating High Performance Spatial Databases

Data & Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008

Data Visualisation with Bing Maps for Enterprise

Data Warehouse on a Fast Track forwards

Data warehousing features in SQL 2008

Designing for simplification

Designing I/O systems for SQL Server

Excel – An Excellent Data Mining Tool

Getting Dimensional with Data

I need my reports……….Yesterday!

Introducing Project Madison

Introducing SQL Server Master Data Services

Introduction of MS StreamInsight.

Introduction to the Microsoft BI Technology Stack

Let’s make SQL fly – a technical session for developers and administrators who believe in magic!

Lets go more functional – F# WHAT , WHY and BI

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2: What’s New in Reporting Services

Optimistic Concurrency Internals

Powershell – old tricks for a new dog?

Put Your Feet Up : Simplified Management using the Enterprise Policy Management Framework

Real World SQL Server High Availability

Report Builder 3

Server consolidation with SQL Server

SQL 2008 Development Features

SQL Injection Attacks (and how to prevent them)

SQL Server 2008 – Unstructured Data Storage Solutions and Best practices

SQL Server optimization stuff you won’t find on Google (yet)

SQL, NoSQL, SomeSQL – A look at non-relational databases

SQLDataSources, LINQDataSources and EntityDatasources in Database Design

SSIS in SQL Server 2008

Strapped for cache? – Troubleshooting memory problems in SQL Server 2008

The R2 Duo: Running SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core

T-SQL Tuning with Colin Chapman, Enzo Ferrari, and The Stig

Using Perfmon and Profiler

Virtualising SQL Server

Vital Statistics

What’s new in R2 for the DBA

When a query plan goes wrong

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Seattle Dev Code Camp Videos

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The Seattle Dev Code Camp Videos are available now.Quite a few informative sessions on Architecture,silverlight,WCF-WF 4.0,C$ 4.0 etc;.Watch here

Me and Bharat Presented the Session on Silverlight and Sharepoint2010 Integration.Since than I have received several emails on how to get the Presentation I used in the TECHED session.

Here is the AGENDA of the session :-

An insight into how SharePoint and Silverlight integration can bring more power inside your Enterprise Portals scenarios. Demonstrations will show on how you leverage Silverlight as a technology inside your Enterprise Portals to provide richer experience. Topics covered will include new ideas and methodologies on user interfaces and SharePoint- Silverlight Integration. Various custom Web Parts, Silverlight Web parts, usage of Client Object Model, REST and LINQ in SP2010 will also be demonstrated.

HERE is the Link to the PRESENTATION .Let me know if you found the sessions and materials useful?