Sharepoint 2010 Exploration and Wish List :- Part 1

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Architecture Series

1. SharePoint 2010 SSO and Custom SSO with Claim based management  :- This is possible to some extent using the WIF but a seemless provider like support is what will make this exciting.

2. AD Sync with BDC :- In current Beta this is one way.You can seee an option in the AdSynchronization section but 2 way support is not yet available.

3. SP2010 Cache Store and User Profile calls are cached ? :- The Cache Store apis are still internal and cant be extensible directly.The userprofie Calls are cached but there is no simple way to determine the cache impact .

4. Hosting custom WCF in SP2010 :- This is Supported.I have yet to try the new way of hosting instead of the old way.More on this soon.

5. Extending managed service app and hosting a custom managed service app :-The Service app concept in place of SSP is quite nice.Now you can even host your service as a managed serive app,similar to the provider model.Think of a scenario where you need to perform a common task farmwide thru Service.Here is one customService hosted inside managed service app.

6.  .NET 4.0 for SP2010:- This is not Supported yet

7. Use velocity with SP2010 :- This is not supported yet

8. Workflows Delegation in SP2010 :- Limited support

9. Web Application level Master page :- Nice to have feature

10. Using OpenID with Sharepoint :- WIF opens up this area quite a bit it will be good to see some opensource using otehr provider as well for seamless SSO.

11. Using 4.0 Workflows with SP2010 :- Hopefully this will be supported soon.

12. Using SL4 in SP2010 :- This will work but the Context I need to try out.I am using SL3 still for SP2010:)

13. Hosting SL in SP2010 master pages :- This works.Anotehr way to implement and host SL other then SL webparts

14. Using Visio Service as BPM tool :- Need to try this out.

15. Unit testing,LoadTesting SP2010,Capacity Planning for SP2010,DisposeCheck for Sp2010 :- Apis are still not provided to do direct unit testing,Still the same way of mocking as in MOSS,Loadtesting see this . Capacity planner still the same.The Dispose model still applies and one still need to dispose like the MOSS days.Not sure if dispose check will work for SP2010.

16. Build and CI for SP2010 :- Tooling Support still need improvements,There is already a 2010 version of WSpbuilder.Although the VS 2010 tooling introduced new templates its still need to improved a lot.

17. Taxonomy Automation in SP2010 :- With 2010 we get the Taxonomy and tags OutoftheBox.Its good to have re-arrange the taxonomy to existing contnet on the fly.One good thing is you can define the taxonomy from outside sharepoint [ex office:-Excel,outlook]

18. Digital Asset Management for Sp2010 :- It has improved but still far from a complete digital asset management product.The functionality of encodign,Decoding and media server still needed to be driven from something similar to PKS.

19. Custom provisioning :- Good thing is this works the same and the Custom WorkFlow provisioning looks promising for automated provisioning scenario,not easy to implement and one need to consider governance and SelfSite carefully.

20. Mobile for Sp2010 :- This also has improved with new tools and the new apis like messgaing framework.It will benice to have few samples from MS like the apple gallery.

21. FAST for Sp2010 :- This is the much expected release but people might confuse with the multiple offerings:). Anyway there are few improvements still need for ranking and relevancy based on keyword inside documents [contents].

22. RBS :- This has improved a lot but one need to test the performance to that of the architecture of FileSystem based storage.

23. Sandbox Solution and VWP for Sp2010 :- The 2 webpart model needed to be weigh and considered carefully.f you really needsandbox which can be monitored and deploy @sitecol level or VWP wich i scoped at farm level.

24. Logging and Exception handling framework :- Need to try and use the new version of log4net or EL to see the performance

25. SPG :- Will  there be a 2010  version of SPG?

26. SP2010 BizTalk adapter :- have not heard anything on this yet.

27. SharePoint Online vs Hosting SharePoint 2010 in Azure :- This will be most awaiting topic for me and I would like to see the trend 

28.  Claim based SP2010 :-  From ADFS to the WIF and the claimbased solution ,need to see how this evolves

29. MVC for SharePoint :- good to have .

30. Client Object model and REST limitation in Sp2010:- Clientobject model and REST apis support are good but not eveything is exposed to Client object model [be it ECMA,Silverlight].

31. Multilingual Support :- This has improved and one can quickly Support sitefor multilingual feature and even it support at list level.Need to see how good is the translation service though.

32. Scaling out Sp2010 :- This is almost same as MOSS,the only decision would be how you divide the Managed Service app and search.

33. Sp2010 for Extranet and Internet :- Internet support and adoption on Sharepoitn is still less althoguh there are more then 100 sites [internet facing]on MOSS,the adoption is stil in early stage.It will be interesting to see te SEO,WCAG support toether with internet facing sites.]

34. Externalize BCS,PPS and Excel Svc Data Source :- Need to see Collaboration scenario with these.

35. Caching BCS,ExcelSvc,Gemini :- Gemini or PowerPivot looks interesting and I am expecting a huge changes in Sharepoint BI goign forward.

36. Office Web App vs GoogleWave :- neck to neck or huge difference??

37. Groove and LiveMesh Sync with Sp2010 :- Need to create a sampel for this. like the Offlien support though.Remeber its the SyncFramework behind the scene.



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