Doloto ,Ajaxview and Ajax Minifier

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

There are 3 cool tools for Ajax performance improvement and profiling.

Ajaxview :- Here is the details from Scottgu’s blog :-

When you host your website on a Windows Server using IIS 7.0, you can configure IIS to automatically compress your JavaScript files using GZIP compression – which can provide a significant improvement on performance and the download size of files. However, you can get additional performance benefits by both compressing and minifying your JavaScript files. Steve Sounders describes these additional benefits in his excellent book High Performance Web Sites.

In addition to releasing Microsoft Ajax Library (Preview 6), we are today also releasing a new (free) Microsoft Ajax Minifier utility that can help reduce the size of your JavaScript files considerably.  It was created by Ron Logon who works on the MSN team. You can download the Microsoft Ajax Minifier from the ASP.NET CodePlex website for free.

For more details see Scottgu’s post :-

Doloto :-

Doloto is an AJAX application optimization tool, especially useful for large and complex Web 2.0 applications that contain a lot of code, such as Bing Maps, Hotmail, etc. Doloto analyzes AJAX application workloads and automatically performs code splitting of existing large Web 2.0 applications. After being processed by Doloto, an application will initially transfer only the portion of code necessary for application initialization.

Here is the Link :-

AjaxView :-

The Ajax View approach is to insert a server-side proxy (or web server plugin) in-between the web server machines and the end-user’s browser. This proxy captures the web application’s JavaScript code as it is being sent to a browser and rewrites the code to insert extra instrumentation code. The injected instrumentation code runs with the rest of the web application inside the end-user’s browser and can capture performance, call graph, application state and user interaction information, providing visibility directly into the last hop of the user’s experience.

The technology in Ajax View is now available as a Power Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio AJAX Profiling Extensions. This power tool includes a server-side extension to IIS to add profiling code to your JavaScript web applications, and a Visual Studio add-in to investigate this data with Visual Studio’s Performance Explorer.

Here is the Link




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