Running SharePoint 2010 in a VM with VHD?

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Planning to Run SP2010 Beta in a VM? I got many query on this from developers in my ORG,I know where the were coming from ,Running the VM or downloading the VHD in SharePoint 2007 was the Safe approach to learn SharePoint without messing up your system.However with SharePoint 2010 you need a 64 bit OS and unfortunately there is no VPC available from MS which support 64 bits Guest OS and hence you cant run SharePoint 2010 on VPC.However I found that if your hardware support Virtual Box,then you can run SP2010  on a VM. The good thing is now you can run SP2010 on Windows7 ,thus why not give either option a  try so long as you are not getting a compatible VM support from MS?


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