Microsoft’s Rx Framework to Tackle Asynchronous Programming

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Microsoft has quietly released the first key components of its .NET Reactive Framework (Rx),
which will allows developers to write LINQ  expressions against events.
Components of the Rx framework were included in the latest drop of the Silverlight Toolkit last month.
A complete version is expected to be part of Visual Studio 2010 and will be supported by the .NET Framework 4.

It will be really interesting to see where we are heading with the Axum/STM.NET/PLINQ/DyradLINQ/Rx .I wonder why not MS mixed everything into one Framework rather than creating many Subsets .Although its Welcome to see many initiatives are we heading into another LinqtoSql vs. Entity Frx?

See more details here


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