Microsoft releases STM.NET to DevLab

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Microsoft has releases STM.Net to DevLab .This will reduce the developer effort for writing transactional code ,not only that now when the demand is growing more and more on multi-processor and parallel programming  handling transaction from different processes and threads becomes more critical.I can recall the NTFS transaction support days when I was looking for how a File will be created only if a certain bit of Code committed and later on found the scenario that it guarantee that File modification and Creation are Atomic in a  different manner that is Transactional NTFS can’t guarantee that changes you make to a set files will always be successful, but it can guarantee that on failure the result will always be consistent. See more details here Its time to have a look into the new one the STM. 

Atomic Block and Transactional Memory:-

Read More Here:-


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