Azure Cloud Challenege and Our Slick Application

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Architecture Series
For the Cloud App Challenge we have Submitted our Application.You can find  the Application here .
and the architecture PPT here .We have Leveraged SilverLight,Azure TableStorage,BlobStaorage,WindowsAzure to host the app and WorkFlow Services[Which was removed by MS later on], and .NET service BUS to talk to our In-Premises Sharepoint application.
Here is the Description of the application:-
Slick Application is A virtual desktop environment that leverages Silverlight and Microsoft Cloud Computing Azure framework capabilities to Store, Manipulate and enable visualization of complex data and transactions in a Rich/Graphical/Scalable User Experience setting  with Full support of Microsoft’s Azure services like
1.Microsoft’s Windows Azure
 2.Windows Azure storage
3.Microsoft’s Azure Table storage
4.Microsoft’s Azure Blob storages
 5.Microsoft Azure .NET Services Access Control & Microsoft Azure .NET Service Bus :-All the in-premise data from SharePoint[Hosted inside company domain] is available as SharePoint explorer in silverlight through Service Bus .
6.MVVM and Prism
6. Full support of .NET LINQ features for better performance Supports local manipulation of data
7. Comprehensive networking support Out-of-the-box support for calling WCF, REST, WS*/SOAP, POX, RSS,JSON and standard HTTP services enables users to create Web 2.0-style applications that easily integrate with existing heterogeneous back-end systems.
8. Better support for Advertising scenarios Vector graphics and 3D support Video streaming
9. Integration with ASP. Net Can host a Silver light control anywhere on an existing ASP.NET page like a web part Can leverage ASP.NET session management facilities
 10. Availability of extensive 3rd party controls
11. Auto generated data forms based on Domain/Object models .
IF you Like the Application do Vote for us at the Submitter name is Bharat Arora and the URI is .
Download the Architecture PPT here .

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