SilverLight Features in VS 2010 Beta 1

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
In past I d  burned my hand with orcas Beta 1 .Thus I was planning to try out the VS 2010 Beta1 soon in a VPC or VM .I had the CTP earlier ,However I cant resist looking at the SilverLight Support and Other Cool Features I posetd earlier.Today Tim has posted that Now in VS2010 we can have a Editable Design Surface for SilverLight Controls.I can only recall looking at the WPF design Time DataBinding,SilverLight Editable Deisgn Surface that days are not far away when the WPF/SilverLight will have the similar tooling Support what we have now for  ASPET and WinForm.
The second is more intersting , the MultiTargetting support for SilverLight.You no longer need to run the Scripts to switch back and forth between SilverLight2 and 3.

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