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Web Platform

Silverlight 3
SliverLight For Mobile
SliverLight Frameworks [MVVM,PRISM,UnitTesting]
ASPNET MVC ,Ajax and Jquery,DynamicData
EntityFrameWork,ADONET DataSvc and Offline Services
REST Services
IIS7 and Media Services

Portal Technology and office

SharePoint 2007
Mobile, Media and Silverlight Support
FAST Search
SharePoint BI
SharePoint 14/Office-14
VS2010 Tooling Support
SharePoint Solution Accelerators
Sharepoint Cloud Services

Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Azure Services Platform
Live Services
.NET Services
SQL Data Services
Windows Azure

Mobile Computing

SharePoint mobile
SilverLight Mobile

DeskTop and Smart Client

WPF 4.0
Smart Client and Click Once
UI Framework [Prism,MVVM,OYNX,Caliburn]

BPM-ESB-SOA {BizTalk 2009,ESB.NET}

BizTalk 2009
ESB Guidance

VS 2010 and VSTS ,Languages and Frameworks

WCF 4.0
WF 4.0
VS 2010 Tooling [LAB Management,Deployment ToolKit etc]
C# 4.0,F#,Oslo,MEF,Parallel Extension,IronPython,DSL

Other Areas:-

VSTS enhancements and OfficeLabs
Surface Computing
SqlServer 2008
Commerce Server and MS Dynamics
Windows Live Services
Windows7 and open Search


I was thinking of adding Links and Resources to each of these above,However today I found that Michele has posted quite a few links for all these categories.Here is the Link 



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