Client Side Ajax Frameworks or Java Script Frameworks

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Architecture Series
List of JavaScript Framework and Comparision :- [Pretty details].
ClientSide JS Frx:-
  Yahoo UI 
Adobe Spry 
  Moo Tools
To decide right choice of framework, it all depends on the requirement. If in a  project it is required to follow component based
development and a fully  extensible approach, I would suggest jQuery.
The main reason for this  is as follows:-
*Microsoft announced that VS will provide Jquery Support see
*The  framework is plug-in based and there are many plug-in available at the  main site and is extensible. New plug-ins
can be created very easily and  quickly.
*It  provides modular Java Script coding and also minimize the amount of javascript you write with clean code and small footprint.
*Loose Coupling
* It  never conflicts with any other framework as it run in its own  namespace.
* Has  got very good documentation and active community .
* The  plug-in created are generally tested on all the major web browsers and thus  cross browser compatibility is less of an issue.
Interesting  read:-
Point  your browser URL to,  to see what cool things are
achievable with jQuery.
jQuery  Main Site:
Prototype file size is around 123kb , though prototype is relatively fast in Firefox  as compare to
jQuery.Prototype can’t even handle basics on its own without  having to piggy back off of and it’s effects  library.
Few points observed during using prototype vsjQuery
* Prototype encourages a class-based structure
*jQuery has got powerful Dom query engine
If anyone still want to go class-based design then  consider “moo”.

Pros and Cons of YUI
–  well documented compared to other frameworks.  Javadoc style.
— Good examples for almost every component.
– the core libraries contain most of the features needed for DOM Manipulation, AJAX transactions ,DHTML overlays, Event handling
without the need for extensions or plugins.
– supports plugins and extensions
– can add pageweight
– verbose code…
YUI sticks to the core JS patterns while the above 2 follow shorthand syntax for Java script


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