Build,Release and Continous Integration-Part5[Final]

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Architecture Series
In the last few post we were discussing the CI processes and how to setup a common minimum CI process using different set of tools.Read the earlier post part1, part2 ,part3.,Part 4. What we didn’t cover in last post were few of the other useful tools namely Teamcity,CI factory,Watin,VSTS and Mock frameworks.
In this final post on CI and B&R [Build and Release ]we will discuss these  as well as I ll provide useful links to learn these to conclude the post.
CI factory:-CI factory  is a CI setup framework and in quicktime you can create a new CI setup in Minutes.The uniqueness of CI-Factory is its Pre-Package Bundle which Bundles a Wide Set Of tools[CCNet,Nant,MSBuild,Ncover,Ndepend,Mbunit,SubVersion,Simian,VSS,Wix,MSTest Etc;] at one Shot and its support for Build Script Generation[Yes it does create all the build script].You Edit the Config.Xml Provide your Source Control Entry from where to get the code and include the necessary packages and run a bat file .Thats it and violla you are going to get a CI setup with all the necessary scirpt generated.Its really a very good work by Jay Kimbley,However there are few caveats and I am going to list those as well.
First Few Learning Links which you can find useful while working with CI factory :-
The issues which I found with CI factory were:- You might need to spend quite a few time understandig the build artifacts,You need to generate the CI setup for each projects[What I mean here is you cant dynamically point to a different project and Source Code location],Extensibility is bit difficult,Its still does not directly support multiple solutions and Testing frameworks and finally you need to play with the XML script a lot to work it with Enterprise projects.
TeamCity:-TeamCity is a new CI tool from jetbrains with cool features and functionality.The biggest +ve side of teamcity is the cool visual UI to create the CI setup.It has further inbuilt support of Solution based build/Compilation for both VS2005 and VS2008 as well as unittestign frameworks.The -ve side is its still not support the Fxcop results,Ncover and Ndepend results into the dashboard.However you can still customize the teamcity to include those and its a cool tool and can be considered as cool replacement of CCNET.
TeamCity has free 20 Licenses for Testing and a paid Enterprise Version:-
Here are the links you might find useful for TeamCity:-
Mock :- Soon

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