Too many happens in a single debugger and track the Memory leak if any?

Posted: July 6, 2005 in Uncategorized
Ya I can say that too many things happen in a singleday some are good some are bad..first the good one :-i got the news that Ms has awarded me MVP the BAD is due to  security patch my Beta (sql2005+vs2005) stops working and from morning  i am fighting with it..I am very much scared of the format..system option to get the same running…fighting is still going on the time i thought why n’t have few post in blog as set up is going on :-
I was working on to findout in clrprofiler and clrspy the memory usage of our application before we shipped our app into release and I thought how many of questions we got in newgroupand usergroup regd the memory usage and GC?I was thinking is there any way for us to debug and look into the same?I am gonna not going to mention what GC does and how?
What I was looking for is how the obvject occupied the memory and how the same was collected and is this what we were designed or some leaks are there and whether the undeterministic behavior of GC is a major concerns for us…eventually i saw few very good post from yun jin & mvstanton discussignn variable lifetime and traversing the GC heap
Also Yun has few good post on the CLR and on  .net debugging and gotcha’s here which are worth mentionable. Above all the post of CHRIS BRUMME  Lifetime, GC.KeepAlive, handle recycling  is a gem and tell the internals which clears many doubts  
    you can  look into the same just got the same from my friend and i ve yet to look into the same).Howveer there are few post and presentation which might be useful for such scenario have a look inot these TroubleShooting%20Production%20Applications.ppt
and also rico’s post
There are few more tools which helps you identifying memory leaks here are few third party one

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