The fight with Upadtor application block

Posted: March 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

IF you have worked with Updator block then you might have faced the same problem or if you are planning to move to updator block look at the following:-

The working of updator is as follows:-

1.IIS deployed folder2. Download manifest and compare 3. down load assembly if version is different 4. Copy assembly into a new folder that is new domain that is let into testappp\debug\versionnum 5. Change appstart.config to point to new version 6. Unload testapp.exe 7. Run app.start

That is track the IIS deployed folder of the application and if any changes happens there download the manifest and compare if version changes then copy the assembly from IIS to the new folder under the deployed directory’s debug in client application with a new version .Now change the app.config to point to new version and unload the application after providing controlto the loader app that is appstart.which will now load the new folder.

The problem with the above is for every revision and build change that is minor change a new foilder will created with the new assembly.

Here come our solution to the same that is to load the assembly into the same .The problem however is you can’t load the same dll into the current appdomain it ll not allow you to do so thus there comes the trick simply rename the dll before downloadijng the dll into the folder and when loader will points to the new config afterthat delete the same you can do so as your domain at that point will not be the current one.

another approach for the same was suggested by adam young in to rocky,russel and adam for pointing me the same but before following his approach i got the above solution.




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